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Tantra Massage in Barcelona

Come to Paradise to live the experience of Tantric Massage in Barcelona. With this massage you will reach total relaxation until you lose track of time and space.
Come to Paradise to live the experience of Tantric Massage in Barcelona

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What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra Massage is a massage that has the ability to release stress and tension. It achieves it with various techniques from different schools with elements of therapeutic massage, yoga and oriental sciences.

The process of Tantra Massage

In the Tantra Massage process, the feeling of well-being is combined with deep relaxation.

Tantra is not a massage to use. Gentle touch and caresses are used to get the energy flowing.

With a Tantric Massage the stress of the whole body is released and the energy is reactivated.

The result of a Tantra Massage is a total sensation of lightness, happiness and timelessness for a long time. For this reason the sessions should be at least one hour.

A good tantric masseuse knows how to make the session last as long as she wants.

Tantric Massage is immersive

A pleasant room, a comfortable tatami, the right temperature and adequate lighting are essential to live the tantric massage experience.

You will have a therapist willing to give everything for your pleasure. You don't need anything else... It's going to cost you to find a Tantric Massage in Barcelona so well prepared.

The therapists who apply erotic tantric massages in our center start with a traditional massage. They apply pressure to your back muscles to relax and relieve the aches and pains of everyday life.

She will guide you at all times with her sweet voice so that you can disconnect from all your worries. It will tell you how to breathe, how to put on and each time you will feel better and with more energy.

Tantric Massages evade you

With our tantric massages in Barcelona you will get out of everyday reality to focus on yourself and your needs. You will live an intimate encounter in which you will get to know yourself better. You will connect with parts and aspects of your body that until now had gone unnoticed.

The release of energy from the Tantric Massage will make you feel free. A new desire will come into your life that you can only satisfy by returning to receive the best tantric massage in Barcelona.

Tantra Massage frees you

Tantra bcn is good for everyone. But in the case of women, it has the associated benefit of helping her discover new horizons.

Pleasure and liberation open a new path for women who still live limited by social conventions. The new sensations will help you discover the power and potential as a human and divine being.
Come and try the best Tantra Massage inBarcelona?

Check out our girls to find your favorite to share a naughty Tantra experience in Barcelona. All of them are experts in the art of exciting a man like you with their wet body for hours.

Our masseuses will know how to give you the right dose of pleasure to return to a moment of relaxation and start again. They know how to do the best Tantra Massage in Barcelona.


Tantra massage near me in Barcelona is a unique and relaxing experience.

You will have a beautiful girl for you who will relax you and give you a unique massage that you will not forget.

We are the main Tantra Massage agency in Barcelona, ​​we have a group of tantric masseuses available to provide relaxing massages when you most want or need it.

Our girls know the tantric techniques. You will enjoy a unique and relaxed moment that you will love. Don't miss the experience.

To do a good Tantra massage you need to master the art of tantric postures.

All our girls know how to do it so that you can enjoy the best oriental massage.

Enjoy Barcelona tantra

We like tantra massage. Our girls like to give tantra massages in Barcelona. We have the best.

All of them are strong and flexible girls. Tantric massage for couples Couples can live a new experience with this massage. You can choose male or female masseuses.

You only have to let yourself be done by your therapist.

Living the best tantric massage in Barcelona with your partner

is an experience that unites. You are going to free yourself from taboos together. You will be able to live the orgasm without feeling bad for not being together.

The complicity and trust that will be established between you will liberate you even more. At Paradise Massages we are here to serve you. We like that you both come and live the great

Looking for tantra near me

Well we have it. We have tantra right here. In the center of Barcelona. We are in Urquinaona and we have the best.

Meet the best girls. The funniest and the most pleasant. They know tantra techniques like no one else in Barcelona We have formed them to offer a pleasant, relaxed and fun time.

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Tantra Massage prices

We present the prices and accessories of the Tantra Massage that we offer in our center in Barcelona.
60 m
90 m
Tantra Massage
Naked / Interactive / Lingam
Body Body / Tantric Postures
Tantra massage with four hands
Tantra massage for couples (1 masseuse)
Tantra massage for couples (2 masseuses)
130 €
- €
- €
200 €
200 €
260 €
170 €
- €
- €
260 €
260 €
320 €
Massages at the hotel/home have a supplement of €50*
* Taxi included up to 5 km. Check other distances
Tantra Barcelona Complements
Spread Tantra Massage
Do not stay with the desire to extend the time of your Tantra Massage. Without any problem we can dedicate more time to you.
15 minutos - 50 €
20 €
Disponemos de juguetes eróticos para hacer más placentero el masaje.
A partir de 20 €
Ducha erótica
The most pleasant complement for your Tantra Massage.
40 €
* You can ask for them during the massage

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Paradise Massage is a therapeutic center in Barcelona. Neither the Tantra Massage nor the rest of the services include sexual relations
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