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Lingam Massage in Barcelona

In the Lingam Massage your body is the temple and the lingam is the most sacred. It is a comprehensive treatment of the body to release energy.
In the Lingam Massage your body is the temple and the lingam is the most sacred.

Our masseuses do the best Lingam Massage in Barcelona









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What is a Lingam Massage??

The Lingam Massage focuses on the most sacred and aims to make the body's energy flow to release it. In this massage we awaken the strength from all corners of your body so that each cell feels the pleasure.

The pleasure of the Lingam Massage

In the Lingam Massage the purpose is to make you reach a state of pleasant ecstasy that lasts as long as possible. Such a state is only achieved with deep relaxation mixed with a high level of complicity.

Masseuses like the ones at our center in Barcelona know how to excite you while you relax until you increase your perceptive capacity. A small touch or a subtle caress to part of your body will make you vibrate.

You will experience each contact with the masseuse with great intensity. She knows perfectly how to raise your excitement and keep it up.

The Lingam Massage Process

We take care of creating the conditions for you to feel good in a comfortable and relaxing space. Cleanliness, low lighting, a comfortable tatami and a professional masseuse is the perfect combination. The objective is that you enter the mental state of deep pleasure that awakens the sensitivity in each pore of your skin.

A hot shower is highly recommended to clear the mind and be more receptive.

Then the massage begins where you are the center of attention of the lingam therapist. You must position yourself comfortably and give the masseuse your whole body to be taken care of.

She will be the one who guides you with her voice on how you should breathe to enter the mental state you are looking for. With his hands, his voice, his body and the help of massage oils, he will relax your body and mind. You just have to let yourself go... She will make an effort to make you feel that she is here to give everything for your well-being.

It is important that you control your breathing as indicated by the masseuse. In this way, you will enhance the sensations that allow you to experience new levels of pleasure.

Get the double lingam

A well done Lingam Massage can achieve the miracle of total relaxation. Our masseuses know how to stimulate you, take you to the top and start over.

Only the most expert hands in Barcelona are capable of achieving it. The secret is knowing how to manage the energy of your body and make it come out at the right time but without it ending.

Lingam Massage is healing

In a Lingam Massage your whole being lives an experience of absolute pleasure that disconnects you for a while from worldly noise and worries. You will feel stronger to return to your life and your body will learn to accumulate energy to release it at the right time.

These types of experiences have a much needed healing function in today's world. It is a cleansing of negativity, stress, failures, fears and insecurities.

Not all men know that they have an infinite capacity to feel pleasure because no one has taught them. With a Lingam Massage, men learn to connect with their most sensitive part

Come meet the best Lingam Massage in Barcelona

Find the therapist you like best to share a Lingam experience in Barcelona.

In the Lingam Massage you come first. They (and they) will know how to give you the right dose of pleasure to return to a moment of relaxation and start again. The Lingam Massage is ideal for those who want to spend a pleasant time to release tension.

If you have a busy and confusing day, nothing better than going to Paradise to receive a Lingam Massage.

masajes lingam barcelona

The Lingam Massage has the virtue of making you disconnect from your worries for a while. You are going to disconnect from everything in a relaxing and pleasant session where everything is ready for your pleasure.

Our masseuses know how to do it. Not only are they nice and fun but they know the techniques to give you double.



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Fantasy Lingam BCN

Come live your lingam bcn fantasy at our lingam massage center in the center of Barcelona. We are in Urquinaona, very close to Plaça de Catalunya. In our erotic massage center you will be calm and relaxed like never before.

Our girls know how to take care of you and give you love. Our lingam bcn is very special and affectionate. Don't miss out on everything we can offer you for your health and well-being.

We are specialists in pleasure and we know what you like. We don't make a simple lingam to get by. We know that when someone wants pleasure what they are looking for is a place to live out their lingam fantasy.

Prices and accessories of the Lingam Massage

We present the prices and accessories of the Lingam Massage that we offer in our center in Barcelona.

If you need something that is not alone you have to ask us.
30 m
60 m
Lingam Massage
Naked / Interaction / Body to Body
90 €
460 €
120 €
- €
COMPLEMENTOS del lingam massage near me
Extender lingam massages
No te quedes con las ganas de ampliar el tiempo de tu Lingam MAssage . Si tienes ganas de más nos lo puedes pedir. 
15 minutos - 50 €
Doble Lingam
Nuestras masajistas pueden conseguirlo. Si a pesar de todo te queda energía sexual no te vayas sin liberarla...
20 €
Disponemos de juguetes para hacer más placentero el lingam near me
A partir de 20 €
Ducha erótica
Una ducha con tu  masajista para empezar mejor el Masaje Lingam.
-- €
Masaje Prostático
Añade un  tu Lingam MAssage y tendrás el máximo placer.
40 €
* Puedes pedirlos durante el doble lingam

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Paradise Massage is a therapeutic center in Barcelona. Neither the Lingam Massage nor the rest of the services include sexual intercourse.
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