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Prostate Massage Barcelona

It is increasingly common for men to request a Prostate Massage in Barcelona. Free yourself from taboos and come to Paradise to try the best Prostate Massage in Barcelona.

Meet the experts of Prostate Massage

See the Masseurs 
Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

Come try the best Prostate Massage in Barcelona

We want you to leave satisfied. We know that the Prostate Massage It is a very special and very intimate experience whether it is the first time or if you are an expert. We like men who want to explore new limits. 

Leave your taboos at the door and let yourself go with a Prostate Massage smoother and more pleasant. It is your opportunity to break down mental barriers and discover new forms of relaxation and pleasure.
A new sensation is waiting for you in Paradise. The prostate massage It is one of those experiences that when they meet is repeated. 

Remember that you can complement the Prostate Massage. You can even ask for two masseurs. Design the massage to your liking and we take care of everything.
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Prices and accessories Prostate Massage

We present you the prices and accessories of the Prostatic Massage that we offer in our center in Barcelona. If you need something that is not alone, you have to ask us.

At Paradise we are open to your proposals and needs.
SERVICES 30m 60m
Prostate Massage 130 € 170 €
Relaxing massage / Interaction / Body to body / Tantric positions / Erotic toys / 1 Relaxation
Four hands prostate massage 260 € 340 €
Prostate Massage for couples (1 masseuse) 260 € 340 €
Prostate Massage for couples (2 masseurs) - € - €

Massages in hotel/home have a supplement of €50 *

* Taxi included up to 5 km. Consult other distances.

information and bookings

extra pleasure with Prostate Massage

At Paradise we want you to try the best prostate massage in Barcelona.

 You have the option of choosing this massage or incorporating it into any of our services as an extra.

The process of Prostate Massage

Our masseuse will start with a therapeutic massage to relax you, release muscle tension and warm up your entire body. When you are relaxed, it will approach your "sacred point" to massage it, lubricate it and prepare it for the erotic prostate massage.

Our masseuses know how to reach your G-spot with soft and relaxing movements that will give you a unique pleasure.

When the masseuse's finger reaches the prostate gland, the movements that achieve "prostate detoxification" will begin. This is how you are going to release tensions, traumas, taboos and stress.

The most intense ending with the Prostate Massage

Many men relax thoroughly with prostate stimulation. You are going to discover that an expert masseuse is capable of making you fly just with her caresses and her voice.

The Prostate Massage It is a great unknown but those who try it repeat. 
In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

Prostate Massage for straight men

Anal massage is related to homosexuality. This makes it taboo for straight men. If you are curious, we offer you an intimate and calm environment where an expert therapist will know how to treat your G-spot gently and lovingly.

We know that prostate massage is a practice that not all women know or want to do. At Paradise we have everything for you to have the best prostate massage experience. We help you so that you don't miss out on trying this sensation that everyone is talking about.

The experience that is missing from your life may be being intimate with a beautiful masseuse in a quiet room. We have everything prepared for you. There are no words to define the satisfaction that a man can feel when living an experience like this.

The Prostate Massage make your life better

The Prostate Massage It is part of the therapeutic massages of our center. With this modality you release more tension and stress than with other massages.

The novelty for those who practice the Prostate Massage for the first time is that they discover a part of their body that they did not know. We have not been educated to know that our most pleasurable organ is the prostate.

This massage also has a positive effect on your way of thinking: suddenly you discover a way to get relaxation that you didn't know about.

At our center we try to be as flexible as possible. We know that this massage is a very special and very intimate experience, whether it is the first time or if you are an expert.

In Paradise you don't have to worry about anything. You will have a session of Prostatic Massage in the center of Barcelona difficult to match.

We recommend that you talk openly with her about how you prefer the massage. Guide her to do it the way you want. Not all men are the same and there are more experts and more novices. Communication is essential and we want you to connect with your masseur with complete complicity and trust.

What matters to us is that you have an experience that you will not easily forget.

Let our experts in prostate massage guide you to an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. We know how to get it.

Besides of Prostate Massage, we have other massages

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We take care of your privacy, we will not send emails or call you. We will answer your questions or confirm your appointment and nothing more.

Prostate massage Barcelona

If you want a prostate massage in Barcelona you can come to Tantra Paradise . Our girls know how to do anal stimulation that will turn you on. 

Do not give up the pleasure of being thoroughly massaged through the anus. We have the toys, the instruments and the knowledge to make you fly with pleasure. 

The real Barcelona prostate massage is given by us. Also, we like it. Knowing that we explore the most intimate part of a man is a pleasant feeling.

How to request prostate massage Barcelona

Well it's easy. You come to Tantra Paradise and ask us. We adapt to your limits. Every man is different and some are more or less accepting: some with one finger do well and others need large diameter toys to notice something. 

Everything seems fine to us. We are professionals of pleasure and relaxation and we adapt to all amplitudes. 

We like to initiate men into prostate massage Barcelona

Newbies welcome. We know that it is difficult to decide on a massage like this. Do not be afraid. We will create a calm environment and with complicity and lubricant we will achieve the objective. 

When you want to realize it will be all inside!

The Barcelona prostate massage that heals you and gives you pleasure

An anal massage Barcelona is a pleasant sensation. Do not fear the entrances through the departure area because there is nothing like it. Every man should try it once in his life. We suggest that a beautiful and expert girl give you that prostate massage that you want to try. 

Our girls know how to use their fingers or their toys to give you pleasure. In addition, you can ask for an anal complement in any massage. There are even high-end massages that include a prostate massage. 


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Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Prostate Massage nor the rest of the services include sexual intercourse

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