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Offers and promotions

We present you the offers and promotions
Offers and promotions
We present you the offers and promotions we have at Paradise Massage. 

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10 % discount on interactive massages*
[*massages from €120]
[Until March 5, 2023 at 10 p.m.]

Condition: Bring chocolates for all
We currently don't have any promotions
Valentine's week
Tantra Massage for Couples €280
[Until February 19, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.]
Free Erotic Shower or Erotic Dance!
Condition: Bring chocolates for all
Valentine's week
[Until February 19, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.]
Free Erotic Shower or Erotic Dance!
Condition: Bring chocolates for all
Nuru massage 30 minutes for €100 (before €120)
[Until February 5, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.]
Nude / Relaxing massage / Interaction / Nuru Gel / Body to body / Tantric positions / 1 relaxation
Tantra massage 1 hour for €130 (before €150)
[Until January 29, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.]
Naked / Relaxing massage / Interaction / Lingam / Body to body / Tantric postures / 1 relaxation
Three Kings Week 2023

During Three Kings week we offer you the following offer

4-hand massage with the 25% discount

The second masseuse is chosen by us

End of Year 2022!
See all the Erotic Masseuses
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What is a bdsm massage barcelona

In the BDSM Barcelona massage you are the protagonist. You will have a Barcelona bdsm mistress willing to do anything to please you. You will accept what she says and you will not complain. 

We want you to have a good time. And to have a good time you will have to suffer. You can't pretend not to suffer. It is what you have come looking for because it is what you like. The bdsm massage consists of that. When you ask, you will tell us what you want and then shut up. We command. 

You can not lose this. You are going to come to our bdsm massage center to discover this new sensation in the city of Barcelona. We are unique. You will not find anything similar in any bdsm venue in Barcelona. Get ready to enjoy. 

Why the BDSM Barcelona massage at Paradise Massage?

Because we are specialists in BDSM. We have facilities and toys to make you enjoy. You know that when we say enjoy we mean suffer. In the BDSM massage, suffering is the protagonist. 

The more you suffer, the more you will get excited. We will take you to the limit. The worst that will happen to you is that you will be tied up and you will not be able to play. We're going to walk around naked. we will touch each other we will gasp And you will stay with the desire. You will suffer and you will like it. 

The end of BDSM Barcelona

The best of the BDSM Barcelona massage at Paradise Massage is the end. We are not going to leave you without your completion. We are bad but not that bad. We will know how to take you to ecstasy little by little. Softly. 

You don't have to bother telling us if you want it faster, slower, softer or stronger - we'll do what we want. We have already told you: we are in charge. 

And that is precisely the point of the BDSM Barcelona massage: that you are not in charge. You say what you want and then you put up with it. We will be bad. We will be wicked. And we like to be like that. 

BDSM Barcelona is clandestine and perverse

We like bdsm barcelona massages because it is the massage in which we let our imagination run wild. We love to see you suffer. We can bind and gag you. We have candles. We have wives. We have whips. We have strap-ons. And the best: we want to hit you hard. 

We lack nothing. If you are looking for a mistress BDSM Barcelona here you will find it. And also stuff. We have an equipped dungeon. No one will hear you scream. We can do with you what we want. 

Do you dare with a second bdsm mistress? so ask for it Nothing better than a four-hand bdsm Barcelona massage session. So what does not occur to one occurs to another. If one does not dare, the other dares. One whips you on one side and the other on the other. 

You may come across one bdsm mistress giving you chorribdsm pleasure while another gives you pain. We can give you the strap-on and at the same time caress your penis. But you already know that the caresses will be as we want. It doesn't matter if you want more or if you want less. 

BDSM Barcelona massage for couples

We also offer bdsm massage for couples in Barcelona. You know we like couples. The usual thing is that single men come clandestinely. Open-minded couples come to find pleasure in a relationship. And within this, a good plan is to ask for a BDSM massage as a couple.

The options are endless. Many women want to see how two beauties punish their adulterous husband, don't you want to go with hot girls? so go But give him a spanking. 

Many wives are the ones who come to ask for our bdsm barcelona massage for that very reason. They want to see the hooker receive chorribdsm. The deal is usually that the man accepts whatever his wife decides. She is the one who talks to the mistress bdsm barcelona and proposes the practices. 

And within the perversion of the bdsm massage for couples, the best is for the wife to be massaged by a handsome and muscular boy while the husband is given a bdsm massage. Many women have fun like this. They are like that. 

The best Orisado BDSM Barcelona

If you are looking for a dungeon in Barcelona, we suggest you come to our bdsm massage parlor. Do not miss the opportunity to choose punishments for a pretty girl to apply to you. 

Your love Barcelona is going to enjoy. The bdsm massage is one of the favorites of the mistresses because they can blow the imagination. It's your time to mark who's boss here. Once you enter the dungeon you will have nothing to say: the orisado will be on its way and there is no turning back. You're going to suffer. 

Get ready to live the best bdsm Barcelona

Paradise is sado and punishment. They will do what you agree to. Once the session begins, you will experience unique sensations that will not leave the walls of the bdsm massage center. 

Your privacy is safe with us. No one will know that you enjoy bdsm. We know that others do not know how to appreciate the pleasure of being in the hands of a Barcelona mistress. You know it and you deserve to enjoy it. Ahead. Ask for your orisado barcelona and have an unforgettable time because you will live the most pleasant experience you can imagine. Don't deprive yourself. Come.

Do not miss the dungeon bdsm barcelona

We have bdsm dungeon, we have toys and we have bdsm mistress. We only need you to come and enjoy the pleasure of domination. We propose a relaxation session combined with suffering. 

We will do what you want: from soft to hard. Our girls like to see you relaxed and when you least expect it, give you a scare. They can tie you up, spank you or penetrate you with all kinds of toys. It is a superior experience suitable for the brave. 


Besides of BDSM Massage, we have other massages

Nuru Massage

Tantric Massage

Lingam massage

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Paradise Massage is a therapeutic center. Neither the Erotic Massages nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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