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Erotic Massage in Hotel Barcelona

We offer erotic massages in hotel in Barcelona for a small supplement in the price for transport costs. 

Enjoy with them the Outcall Massage in you hotel

See the masseuses
Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

Outcall Massage in Hotel Barcelona

We offer the service of erotic massage in hotel in Barcelona.  

Our girls and boys can travel to your hotel. You only have to contact us and tell us the hotel where you are staying. 

You can rest easy (or calm) because our masseuses are discreet. No one will suspect that you have hired an erotic massage service in a hotel
Many men and women want to perform the erotic massage in a hotel in Barcelona to be in a more intimate environment. 

Women passing through Barcelona also prefer to receive an erotic massage in a hotel because they feel safer. 

Tell us what you want and for a small supplement for transportation you will have an erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel. 
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Prices and accessories Fantasy massage

The Fantasy Massage is a type of body body massage with which you will live a unique experience full of
of sensuality and eroticism.
SERVICES 60m 90m
Fantasy massage 230€ 270€
Nude / Interaction / Lingam / Body to body / Erotic shower Kisses and caresses, Anal Stimulation
Four hands fantasy massage 350€ 410€
Fantasy massage for couples (1 masseuse) 380€ 450€
Fantasy massage for couples (2 masseurs) 460€ 540€

Massages in hotel/home have a supplement of €50 *

* Taxi included up to 5 km. Consult other distances.

information and bookings

how is a Outcall Massage in hotel?

Erotic massages in hotels are a good option to achieve more comfort and intimacy. They are a different erotic adventure that consists of letting yourself relax to reach a final explosion of energy.

What is a service Erotic Massage in Hotel?

Service Erotic Massage in Hotel what we offer in Barcelona it is the most comfortable option. 

Our masseuses can help you relax, de-stress and unwind in the comfort of your hotel. If you do not want to travel to our center or you value privacy above all the service of erotic massage in hotel in Barcelona from Tantra Paradise is your ideal service.

The hours of the Erotic Massages in Hotel

An advantage of the erotic massages in hotel what we offer in Barcelona is that it has longer hours. This service is not limited to downtown business hours. 

If you want a erotic massage in your hotel outside normal business hours, you just have to ask us for it. We can adapt. 

Tantra Paradise is in the center of the city. This is why we can reach any hotel in Barcelona in less than an hour. In any case, we recommend that you request the service as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. 
In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

What should I prepare to receive the Erotic Massage in Hotel?

Any. Our masseuses will bring everything you need to perform the erotic massage at your hotel. It will come prepared (or prepared) with a kit of gels, oils and protective sheets. We guarantee that erotic massages in hotels do not cause any damage or damage to the furniture in the room. 

All you have to do is choose the area where you want to receive the massage. Normally the bed is fine but it can also be the floor on a rug or with the mattress on the floor. You just have to make sure you have a wide and unobstructed place where the masseuse can move to work her magic. 

M typesErotic massages in Hotel

If you are wondering what types of erotic massages can be done in hotel It's very simple: everyone. 

Erotic massages in hotels include the full range of massages that we carry out in our center. You can request from tantra massage in hotel to paradise massage in hotel. There is not limit.

The M have a supplementErotic massages in Hotel

Yes. To carry out an erotic massage in a hotel, we need the girl or the boy to travel to their hotel. 

We will have to charge you a small supplement for transport costs.

In exchange, you will receive a comforting massage in the tranquility and privacy of your hotel. 

The objective of our erotic masseuses is that you feel the pleasure of relaxation. His hands, his voice and his whole body will focus on making you feel in another dimension.

Let our masseuses go to give you a erotic massage in your hotel in Barcelona. They will take you to an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. Our team of masseurs knows how to achieve it.

Some of the Erotic Massages in Hotel what can you ask us

Tantric Massage

The Tantra massage is one of the erotic massages
cheaper and more demanded

Supreme Massage

The erotic massage par excellence but
developed to relax to the maximum

Prostate Massage

The erotic massage for men who know
where is your point of pleasure.


+34 611032946

We take care of your privacy, we will not send emails or call you. We will answer your questions or confirm your appointment and nothing more.

+34 657 30 65 39

We take care of your privacy, we will not send emails or call you. We will answer your questions or confirm your appointment and nothing more.

Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Erotic Massages nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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