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Yoni massage in Barcelona

The Yoni Massage is the Tantric Massage for women. Discover the pleasure therapy of relaxation in the center of Barcelona. Get to know your body better, release tension and drive away negativity with our massages for women.

We are experts of Yoni massage in Barcelona

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Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

Come try the best Yoni massage in Barcelona

Among our masseuses you can find your favorite to share an experience Yoni in Barcelona.

Men also know how to give you the right dose of pleasure to return to a moment of relaxation and start again. They and they know how to do the best Yoni massage in Barcelona.

The Yoni massage from Paradise is the real deal Tantric massage for women.  the and the masseurs  that we have selected know how to do the Erotic Massages for Women more relaxing than Barcelona .

Our entire staff is ready and willing to make any woman who steps into the spotlight feel special and adored. 

prices of Erotic Massages for Women

We present you the prices and accessories of the Yoni massage that we offer in our Barcelona center. 

If you need something that is not alone, you have to ask us. In Paradise we can do the Yoni massage tailored to you.

SERVICES 30m 60m 90m
Lingam massage 85 € 100 €
Full body relaxation / 1 Relaxation
Body to Body Massage 100 € 130 €
Full body relaxation / Body to Body / Tantric Postures / Interaction at the end / 1 Relaxation
Nuru Massage 120 € 160 € 210 €
Full body relaxation / Interaction / Nuru Gel / Body to Body / Tantric Postures / 1 Relaxation
Sensitive Massage 180 € 230 €
Full body relaxation / Feathers / Hot and cold games / Interaction / Body to body / Tantric positions / Erotic Toys / 1 Relaxation
Supreme Massage 220 € 270 €
Full body relaxation / Interaction / Erotic dance / Erotic shower / Body to body / Tantric Postures / 2 Relaxations
BDSM Massage 230 € 300 €
Submission / Humiliation / Punishment / Fantasies / Erotic Instruments / Strap-on Harness / 1 Relaxation
Tantra Paradise 350 € 450 €
Champagne / Full body relaxation / Interaction / Erotic shower / Feathers / Body to body / Tantric Postures / 2 Relaxations

Massages in hotel/home have a supplement of €50 *

* Taxi included up to 5 km. Consult other distances.

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erotic massages for women

It is known as Yoni Massage to Erotic Massages for Women. In our center in Barcelona you can practice it with male or female masseurs who will know how to relax you to take you to the pleasure of liberation.

We all need to stop for a moment and spend some quality time with a woman or a man who knows how to take care of our body. In our paradise in the center of Barcelona we offer a perfect environment for women to discover new sensations. 

What does Yoni mean?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that alludes to feminine intimacy. It is the sacred space of the woman that gives rise to life and pleasure. The Erotic Massage for Women has the purpose of adoring and enhancing the femininity of women.

The caresses with the hands are the therapeutic instrument to achieve strong emotions that free the body and the mind of the woman.

The Yoni Massage has gained popularity in recent years due to the atmosphere of intimacy and trust with the professional. The result is a pleasant sensation of happiness and relaxation that only one (or a) trained masseuse can achieve.

It is proven that Tantric Massages have a therapeutic effect because it relaxes the body and mind.

The Yoni massage has therapeutic effect

If he Yoni massage It has a therapeutic and revitalizing effect. In the Yoni Massage there is an exploration of the woman's body that implies a total disinhibition. In a massage center like Paradise you will find an intimate and pleasant environment where the most demanding women can relax and enjoy being the center of attention.

In recent years there has been a boom in Erotic Massages for Women because for the first time they have an erotic offer for them. It is not easy to find yourself in a situation where the only thing that matters is pampering and taking care of a woman's body. 

Our male and female therapists know well that many women have not experienced extreme feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Its objective is to create complicity so that the woman is released in a soft and pleasant environment. 

Everything counts in the Yoni massage to achieve the therapeutic effect: words, caresses but also light, smells and oils will make worries and tensions disappear.

In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

Yoni massage with men or women

There is some debate about who the ideal therapist to receive a Yoni Massage is a man or a woman. We do not know. It depends a lot on the woman who receives it and her preferences. Some feel more confident with a woman and others prefer men.

Our offer of Erotic Massages for Women in Barelona includes male and female masseurs. We give all the options to cover all preferences and needs. You can even ask for two masseurs of the same sex or one of each. You choose.

What we can assure you is that our staff knows how to treat the body and mind of the woman to bring her to a state of renewed consciousness. With any of our male or female therapists, Erotic Massages for Women achieve their liberating and pleasurable goal in a safe, intimate and delicate environment. All of them have been trained in relaxing massage techniques and are aware of the special delicacy that a woman's body deserves.

Whether you are an expert or you come for the first time, you will receive very special treatment from all the staff.

The Yoni massage empowers

At Paradise we like women to agree to be the center of pleasure as they have never been throughout history. For the first time they have an offer of pleasure as men have always had.

A woman today does not have to give up the pleasure of erotic massage. With our Erotic Massages for Women, the patient has at her disposal men and women who are experts in pleasure.

We want women to feel their bodies shake like they have never felt before. We seek total liberation and disinhibition to face the world with more resources.

We do not want women to give up anything and that is why we strive to provide the best Erotic Massages for Women in Barcelona.
The objective of our erotic masseuses is that you feel the pleasure of relaxation. His hands, his voice and his whole body will focus on making you feel in another dimension.
Let our erotic masseuses guide you to an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. Our team of masseurs knows how to achieve it.

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Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Erotic Massages nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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