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Gay massage in Barcelona

The Gay Massage that we offer you in the center of Barcelona is a relaxing and sensitive massage from man to man.

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Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

how we do the Gay Massage

Our gay erotic massage he wants to satisfy the need of men to be in the company of another man. Our guys serve both men, women and couples and offer all kinds of gay massages 

Our vocation is to give you an intimate space where you can relax to receive a male massage in Barcelona. 

We are gay friendly but understand that many straight men are curious about the gay massage. At Paradise we don't care if you're gay, bisexual, straight or bi-curious: all men are welcome. 

Our masseurs will apply their knowledge to release tension from your muscles but also from your mind. 

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prices of gay massage

We present you the prices and accessories of the Gay Massage that we offer in our Barcelona center. 

If you need something that is not alone, you have to ask us. 

SERVICES 30m 60m 90m
Lingam massage 85 € 100 €
Full body relaxation / 1 Relaxation
Body to Body Massage 100 € 130 €
Full body relaxation / Body to Body / Tantric Postures / Interaction at the end / 1 Relaxation
Nuru Massage 120 € 160 € 210 €
Full body relaxation / Interaction / Nuru Gel / Body to Body / Tantric Postures / 1 Relaxation
Prostate Massage 130 € 170 €
Full body relaxation / Interaction / Body to Body / Tantric Postures / Erotic Toys / 1 Relaxation
Sensitive Massage 180 € 230 €
Full body relaxation / Feathers / Hot and cold games / Interaction / Body to body / Tantric positions / Erotic Toys / 1 Relaxation
Supreme Massage 220 € 270 €
Full body relaxation / Interaction / Erotic dance / Erotic shower / Body to body / Tantric Postures / 2 Relaxations
BDSM Massage 230 € 300 €
Submission / Humiliation / Punishment / Fantasies / Erotic Instruments / Strap-on Harness / 1 Relaxation
Tantra Paradise 350 € 450 €
Champagne / Full body relaxation / Interaction / Erotic shower / Feathers / Body to body / Tantric Postures / 2 Relaxations

Massages in hotel/home have a supplement of €50 *

* Taxi included up to 5 km. Consult other distances.

information and bookings

erotic massages gay

The gay massage with our gay masseurs they are a good gateway to pleasure between men. Let yourself be carried away by a gay masseur to the ecstasy of pleasure.

The shower to start the Gay Erotic Massage

Our guys like gay massages to start with the ritual of stripping. They like to show themselves off because they know that their bodies whet the appetite of the men who come to receive a gay erotic massage.

The erotic shower is the next stop to lay the foundations of a good gay massage. Two naked men under hot water build trust between them. It is the moment in which the gay masseur begins to stimulate the playmate so that he warms up.

Our boys usually say that they like to start the gay erotic massage with a shower because it prepares both of them to go to the tatami relaxed and horny.

After the shower, it is time to dry yourself with the clean towels that we will have prepared. Help your gay masseur and he will help you....in this way, a normal act like toweling off becomes part of the gay massage.... Any occasion is a good one for the bodies of two men to be together close...

To the tatami for him Gay Massage

The relaxing massage starts from the back of your body. With his hands he will spread a special oil over your body. It will relax your neck, your back, your arms...

For gay erotic massage it is very important that you let yourself go and disconnect from everything. Trust with the masseur must be total. It is best to close your eyes to fully feel the pleasure of being touched by a man with an athletic body.

After stimulating you, it will continue down your legs and feet because the whole body needs to be massaged and relaxed.

 At this point you will have lost track of time and space and it is time to start the most erotic part of the gay massage.

Can I touch the masseuse during the erotic massage?

In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

The most erotic of Gay Massage

A gay masseuse will give you a relaxing massage on your torso, legs and feet with approaches and rubbing your most sacred area. They love to feel that their gay massage is taking effect. Your moans and your breathing are important to the magic of the massage.

Your lingam is the center of everything and throughout the session it will have received caresses to stimulate it. Towards the end of the massage he becomes the center of attention. At that time you will be ready to convert the gay massage into a massage with a gay ending.

Little by little, the gay masseur will stimulate you with slow or fast movements depending on your response. Our boys are so good that they know perfectly how to regulate the force to sustain your arousal for a long time.

The interaction with your masseuse is essential at this moment: your caresses of his ass, his torso and his whole body... everything counts so that he knows how it's going. Do not deprive yourself of anything; You can have complete confidence with our gay masseurs. Ask them what you want, if you want a gay prostate massage you can ask for it.

The Gay Massage takes you to the limit

In Paradise we like that homosexual men agree to be the center of pleasure as they have never been throughout history. 

Our boys know how to take a man to the limit of relaxation.

The objective of our gay massages is for you to feel the pleasure of relaxation. The hands, voice and body of our masseurs will be focused on your pleasure.

Let our erotic masseuses guide you to an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. Our team of masseurs knows how to achieve it.

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Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Erotic Massages nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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