a woman during a sensitive massage

Sensitive massage in Barcelona

Do you know that the most erogenous and erotic point of our body is in your brain? Have you ever heard that combining mental and physical stimulation will give you the greatest levels of pleasure you've ever experienced?

That’s the basis of our sensitive massage at Paradise Massage in Barcelona.

The Sensory Massage takes your experience to a higher level. It’s the entry to high-end massages with games of cold and heat, the use of feathers, and other accessories.

It’s an art to awaken your senses and your entire body, to stimulate your desire and make it grow to limits you’ve probably never reached before.

To achieve it, only three things are needed:

A team of expert masseuses with skills in techniques you didn’t even know existed.

The perfect ambiance for the moment you step through the door, your body and mind relax. At our center in Barcelona, we’ve made sure everything is perfect.

Privacy, discretion, an ideal and tranquil environment, complemented with soft music and everything necessary for your peace of mind from the very beginning.

And the next thing needed is you. Eager to feel the pleasure of your senses heightened.

A man in a state of deep relaxation during a sensitive massage, surrounded by candles and soft lights that create a peaceful atmosphere
Blurry silhouette of legs in fishnet stockings under a bluish light, hinting at a sensitive massage experience

Connection and complicity

At Paradise Massage, we’ve made sure that our team is composed of expert hands in all massage techniques.

Because a sensitive massage is based on a deep connection with the masseuse.

She’s the one who will be attentive to all your reactions, knows how to read and interpret them to respond to each and every one of them.

Only this way can the sensitive massage session be adjusted by reading what your body is saying and expressing. Precise adjustments using the techniques that bring you the most pleasure.

Every hand movement and every minute of the massage will be special in every sense.

sensitive massage

The massage that will awaken your senses

This type of massage not only relaxes your body but also awakens and sharpens all your senses through a unique combination of techniques and accessories.

Your experience will begin in an environment meticulously prepared with aromatic candles, soft music, and essential oils that create an oasis of tranquility.

From the very first moment, every pore of your skin will begin to be part of the journey towards pleasure.

Our girls will use their hands, soft voice, and intuitive presence to take you to a state of deep relaxation.

Without a doubt, you will feel a awakening of your body and your hair standing on end at many moments. Don’t feel bad if you need to bite your lips at some point and explore new areas of your body.

As your mind is freed from daily worries, we will delicately introduce games of cold and heat.

A gentle stroke of feathers and other selected accessories will be another appetizer in this unforgettable experience.

These elements are designed to surprise your senses and take your bodily awareness to a new level of pleasure.

How to give a good lingam massage

A good lingam massage starts in a safe and relaxing space where you feel comfortable and protected.

Massage oil is used to allow the hands to glide smoothly over the body, massaging not only the Lingam but also the surrounding area.

All the techniques and caresses used at this moment are intended to awaken energy and eliminate blockages.

The Lingam ending is not just a simple orgasm, it’s something beyond that. The aim is to explore new forms of pleasure and reaching climax, moving and channeling energy.

What is achieved is a deeper and more satisfying experience, increasing your levels of sensitivity and bodily awareness.

What's included:

Relaxing massage / Body to body / Feathers / Hot-cold Games / Interaction / Tantric Positions / Toys / Relaxation


Deep relaxation

As the session progresses, you’ll immerse yourself even deeper into complete disconnection. The hot and cold games, combined with expert manipulation of tension areas, foster a release that you’ll feel more and more.

It will help you relax physically and mentally.

It will free your mind from all the tensions of today’s stressful life. Without worrying about work pressures, family obligations, or the stress of life in a big city like Barcelona.

Book now your Sensory Massage session in Barcelona and get ready to completely disconnect and enjoy an explosion of pleasure and relaxation that will revitalize all your senses.