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Sensitive Massage

The Sensitive Massage takes you to a superior experience. It is the high-end access massage with hot and cold games, feathers and accessories.

Enjoy with them the Sensitive Massage

Meet the Masseurs
Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

Sensitive Massage in Barcelona

We propose a sensitive massage so that your whole body feels the pleasure of relaxation. 

Every pore of your skin will feel the power of the hands, voice and body of a massage professional. 

When you've lost sight of the world, feathers, hot and cold games and a variety of toys come into action.
A sensitive massage wants to awaken all your senses. And it does it little by little. No hurries. We have time and we know how to do it.

One of the best ways to leave all your stress and worries behind is through a massage like this. It is a relaxing but intense massage that seeks contrast and emotion. 

The masseuse will know how to read your reactions and will adjust the intensity to what she deems appropriate. 
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Prices and accessories Sensitive Massage

The Sensitive Massage includes extras so that you feel to the fullest.
SERVICES 60m 90m
Sensitive Massage 180 € 230 €
Relaxing melee massage / Feathers / Hot and cold games / Interaction / Melee / Tantric positions / Erotic toys / 1 Relaxation
Sensitive four-hand massage 360 € 460 €
Sensitive Massage for couples (1 masseuse) 360 € 460 €
Sensitive Massage for couples (2 masseurs) 720 € 920 €

Massages in hotel/home have a supplement of €50 *

* Taxi included up to 5 km. Consult other distances.

information and bookings

What is the Sensitive massage?

The Sensitive Massage from Tantra Paradise in Barcelona is a new experience where elements such as feathers, hot and cold games and erotic toys come into play.

How is he Sensitive Massage?

Sensitive Massage focuses on stimulating the senses and increasing the individual's body awareness. The whole body is the protagonist in the sensitive massage.

In this massage you start with relaxing massage techniques but little by little other elements are entering. 

Candles, music, scents and oils are companions to stimulate the senses and increase body awareness. 

The complements of the Sensitive Massage

When the patient is completely relaxed, feathers and hot and cold games come into play. 

With these techniques we seek complicity and total connection with the masseuse. Our therapists know how to read reactions and adapt each action. 

With these supplements we achieve total disconnection: the brain is focused on discovering the pleasure that is coming and forgets about daily worries. 

This is why the Sensitive Massage achieves total disconnection and becomes a comprehensive treatment that releases stress and tension. 

The complicity of Sensitive Massage

In the Sensitive Massage the complicity with the masseuse is total. Little by little you will be in her hands and she will guide you with her voice, her hands and the toys she has at her disposal. It will ensure that all your attention is focused on what is happening between those walls. It will ensure that you do not think about anything and that your only activity is to enjoy. 

She will know how to play with the elements to bring you to a state of total complicity between the two of you. He will know how and what to play with each piece of your body so you don't lose concentration. 
The Fantasy Massage takes you to the limit

The goal of Sensitive Massage is that you feel the pleasure of relaxation and total disconnection. His hands, his voice and his whole body will focus on making your body feel each little action as something unique. 

Let our masseuses guide you with the Sensitive Massage until total disconnection and an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. 

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Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center in Barcelona. Neither the Sensitive Massage nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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