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Supreme Massage

The Supreme Massage is a high-end massage with extras such as erotic dance, erotic shower and a double ending.

They know how to do Supreme Massage

Meet the Masseurs
Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

The Supreme Massage it is high level

It's a great way to restore self-confidence, helping you maximize your energy and awakening your consciousness.

It can be one of the most effective ways to discover beautiful sensations and energies flowing through your body that will help you focus and relax.
It is a process where they will give you love, attention and affection, which is what the body and mind need. They will caress your skin, the palms of the hands, the soles of the skin and erogenous zones that are connected to the entire body.

After an exhausting day, what better way to stimulate your whole body starting with your eyes with a stimulant erotic dance for you.
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What does the Supreme Massage?

The Supreme Massage It is a high-end massage for those who are new to high-level experiences. 
The Supreme Massage includes:
Relaxing Massage / Interaction / Erotic Dance / Body to Body / Erotic Shower / Tantric Postures / 2 Relaxations
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What is the Ultimate massage?

In the Supreme Massage the protagonist is you. You will receive a relaxing massage all over your body and you will be able to enjoy an erotic dance and erotic shower exclusively for you.

What does the Supreme Massage?

In a Supreme Massage it is not a simple massage: it starts with a relaxing erotic shower with your masseuse. The hot water and relaxing soaps will stimulate your skin to prepare your body for what is to come next. 

With the private erotic dance for you, you will get to know the body of your masseuse. The vision of a body dancing for you stimulates the senses and makes you feel good. 

With the tantric postures of the masseuse, your entire being will be focused on following each smooth movement. This experience makes you disconnect from everything and grows a unique intimacy between the participants. 

The masseuse knows what you feel for her when you see her move and she will know how to guide you to awaken all the energy that you carry inside. 

The Supreme Massage It is a massage with interaction

The interaction is the protagonist in this massage. All the previous process is aimed at reaching total contact where the masseuse will use her body to massage yours. 

You are going to arrive at this moment as an evident conclusion of all the above. You will have observed a body relax with hot water, become aroused by being observed by you and dancing for you knowing that you like it. 
In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

The Fantasy Massage is interactive
The Fantasy Massage takes you to the limit

Our therapists will take you to the pleasure of relaxation with precise techniques. His hands, his voice and his whole body will focus on making you feel in another dimension.

Let our erotic masseuses guide you to an explosion of pleasure without the need for sexual practices. Our team of masseurs knows how to achieve it.

Besides of Supreme Massage, we have other massages

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Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Supreme Massage nor the other services include sexual relations

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