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Erotic Massages Barcelona

Tantra Paradise is a center of Erotic massages in Barcelona,  aesthetic services and wellness therapies.  

We offer an intimate and relaxed atmosphere where a therapist will give you the best erotic massage in Barcelona
Tantric Paradise is a center of Erotic massages in Barcelona, aesthetic services and wellness therapies.

Welcome to the paradise of Erotic Massages in Barcelona

Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.
Meet the Masseurs
Paradise therapists are friendly, kind and loving.
They will know how to give you the time of intimacy you need and make you live the best Erotic massage in Barcelona.

Erotic Massages Menú

Lingam massage

See Lingam Massage

The Lingam massage is designed to improve health and sexual pleasure

Body to Body Massage

See Body to Body Massage

In the Body to Body Massage the masseuse uses her body to apply pressure.

Tantric Massage

See Tantra Massage

The Tantric Massage is a massage technique that focuses on the development of consciousness and well-being

Prostate Massage

The Prostate Massage It focuses on the prostate. It is one of the most intense forms of pleasure for men.


Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage it is made with a special gel that is used to slide the body over the other

Sensitive Massage

The Sensitive Massage gives access to the high range with feathers and hot and cold games

Supreme Massage

See Supreme Massage
Erotic massage with erotic dance, erotic shower, body to body and double ending

Fetish Massage

See Fetish massage
Choose the theme, costume for her and enjoy the situation that you want

Tantra Paradise

See Tantra Paradise
The most complete erotic massage for the most gourmets. Our top of the range with champagne and all the accessories.

BDSM Massage

See BDSM Massage

The BDSM Massage combines the pleasure of punishment with the pleasure of relaxation

Gay Massage

See MassageGay
Men's massage for men. Do not deprive yourself of anything.

Yoni massage

See Yoni Massage

The Yoni massage are the Erotic Massages for Women. It is focused on improving women's health.

Couple Massages

See Erotic Massages for Couples

A erotic couples massage strengthen the relationship. Both of you enjoy the pleasure of relaxation.

Erotic Massages in Hotel

See Erotic Massages in Hotel

You can request your Erotic Massage in a hotel in Barcelona. Discretion and privacy assured.

Aesthetic Services

See Aesthetic Services
Aesthetic care and eroticism in the same session. break the tension
See Massages
Lingam / Yoni massage
Full body relaxation / 1 Relaxation
Body to Body Massage
Full body relaxation / Body to body
Tantric postures / Interaction at the end
1 relaxation
Tantric Massage
Full Body Relaxation / Full Nude
Interaction / Melee 
Tantric postures / 1 Relaxation
Nuru Massage
Full body relaxation / Interaction
Nuru Gel / Melee
Tantric Postures / 1 Relaxation
Prostate Massage
Full body relaxation / Interaction
Melee / Tantric Postures
anal stimulation
Erotic Toys / 1 Relaxation
Sensitive Massage
Full body relaxation / Interaction
Feathers / Games of cold and heat
Melee / Tantric Postures
Erotic Toys / 1 Relaxation
Supreme Massage
Full body relaxation / Interaction
Erotic dance / Erotic shower
Melee / Tantric Postures
2 relaxations
BDSM Massage
Submission / Humiliation
Punishments / Fantasies
erotic instruments
Strap-On / 1 Relaxation
Fetish Massage 
full body relaxation
Costumes of your choice
Interaction / Erotic dance
Erotic Shower / Fetish Games
Tantric postures / Melee
2 relaxations
Tantra Paradise
Champagne / Full body relaxation
Interaction / Erotic dance
Erotic Shower / Feathers
Body to Body / Tantric Postures
Anal stimulation / 2 Relaxations 
Erotic massages in hotels/homes have a supplement.
* Taxi included up to 5 km, consult other distances.

Facilities of our center Erotic massages in Barcelona

We present the facilities of the center of Erotic Massages Tantra Paradise in the center of Barcelona. As you can see, we have a unique special decoration in Barcelona. We're not like some locals Cheap erotic massages. We are urban, modern and authentic.
We present the facilities of the center of Erotic Massages Tantra Paradise in the center of Barcelona.

As you can see, we have a unique special decoration in Barcelona. We're not like some locals Cheap erotic massages. We are urban, modern and authentic.

Our rooms to receive erotic massages They are decorated in an urban style. There are racy images hanging on the walls to let your imagination run wild. 

At Tantra Paradise we value fun and pleasure above all else and we want to intoxicate your senses with sensations never before explored.

We want an erotic massage in our erotic massage center to be a unique experience from the moment you walk through the door. We want to treat you well and that you feel confident that you can ask us for any wish.

Benefits of Erotic Massages

The erotic massage is a 
good option for relaxation

The variety of techniques of our erotic massages manages to relieve the stress of everyday life. During the erotic massage your muscles will relax and their strength will increase.

No matter how difficult the week has been because after a good massage you will forget the problems and you will be a new man (or woman).

The positive effect of massages 
erotic is proven

Each visit to our erotic massage house will recharge you with energy and self-confidence to face life's personal and professional challenges.

The erotic massage thus acquires a therapeutic purpose to disconnect and become the center of attention of a sensual woman who will recharge you with energy.

Intimacy with fun and spicy masseuses frees the mind and relaxes the body of men and women. Sharing an intimate time with a woman dedicated to your pleasure is always a good plan.

We want to intoxicate your senses with sensations never before explored with the best erotic massages in Barcelona. Our therapists are experts in Erotic Massages and well-being.

Paradise professionals know how to do the best erotic massages Barcelona but they also know how to give you a pleasant time with company, good humor and intimacy. We want you to feel comfortable and well accompanied in our erotic massage center.

Frequently asked questions about Erotic Massages

We answer here the most frequently asked questions about the erotic massages.
If you have any questions not answered here you can contact us.

Will I have privacy in your erotic massage center?

Yes, total privacy and maximum discretion in any conversation with the massage center and in any meeting inside and outside the center. 

If you pay by credit card on the statement you will see XXX.

If we call you for any incident in your reservation we will do it from another number that is not the center number. We will not send you anything by email or WhatsApp if you have not requested it.

Inside the center you will not cross paths with other customers. You will only see the reception staff and your masseuse.

We understand that you want privacy to receive an erotic massage.

The center is designed to provide a calm and relaxing environment so that clients can enjoy their massage experience to the fullest. Tantra Paradise staff are friendly and professional, always willing to help clients choose the type of massage that best suits their needs.

How is a erotic massage?

The erotic massage is based on art and technique. Its base comes from oriental teachings and is applied to the entire body. Different techniques are used to relax the massage partner; The massage can go down from the feet to the face, emphasizing the most sensual points of the body. In addition, different oils and oils are used to achieve a greater relaxing effect.

With what methods can I pay the erotic massage?

We accept payments in cash and regular credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. 

We accept the payment of erotic massages by card with the following currencies:

-Pounds sterling, dollars or Japanese yen with an added conversion charge

We also accept payment for:

-Transfer with PayPal
-With cryptocurrencies

Can I touch the masseuse during the erotic massage?

In all massages the option of interaction with the masseuse is offered, always with the utmost respect. 

Do I need to bring anything to receive a erotic massage?

No. You just want to have a good time receiving an erotic massage. You just have to let the professionals do it.

We will provide you with towels and personal cleaning products.

do you offer four-handed erotic massages?

Yes. All of our erotic massages They may be four-handed erotic massages. If you want two masseurs you can ask for it. 

We recommend the four hands erotic massage because thus the pleasure is double.  

Check prices of four hands erotic massage in each massage. 

All the erotic massages do they have a lingam ending?

Yes. All erotic massages have a lingam/yoni finish. 

The erotic massage Does it include sex with the masseuse?

No. Our rates only include a therapeutic massage.

Our erotic massages do not include sex. In reality, no erotic massage in Barcelona should include sexual contact for legal reasons. 

Can I extend the services during the erotic massage?

Yes. They can be expanded. Talk to the masseur and there will be no problem.

We want the erotic massage to be as you want and having started does not have to be a problem. We adapt to you.

The erotic massage Is it considered infidelity?

No. You can have a clear conscience. The erotic massage It is just an experience to disconnect from daily life and relieve stress. There is no sex or emotional involvement. 

However, we recommend that the experience be carried out as a couple so that everyone feels comfortable; that is, that everyone can interact in a totally responsible and judgment-free way.

Are the photos of the masseuses in the massage center real?

Yes. The photos on this website are all real, recent and 100 authentic %.

They faithfully represent how each of the masseuses who perform erotic massages in our center in Barcelona. 

We work only with stunning masseurs, and therefore we see no reason to carry out deceptive practices around our images. The natural beauty of our masseuses is their best presentation. 

We keep Photoshop to a minimum, just to cover up mistakes by the photographer.

What you see is what you will find! that is what makes us unique! 

We want to be a benchmark for erotic massages Barcelona and we are not going to achieve it with deceit. It's not our style. 

Can I bring the scooter or bike to the erotic massage center?

Yes. We know that in Barcelona many people use bicycles, scooters and other vehicles. Because, you can come to our erotic massage center with your bicycle or scooter without any problem. 

We have a space reserved for this purpose. Do not you worry about anything.

Is it necessary to reserve the erotic massage?

No. You can come in at any time during business hours to receive a erotic massage. However, we recommend that you make a reservation. 

The reason is that if you book the erotic massage we can ensure that the masseuse you want will be available for you. You can contact us by email, whatsapp or phone at any time but preferably during opening hours. 

How can I get to erotic massage center Tantra Paradise ?

Tantra Paradise is an erotic massage center in Barcelona located at C/ Bergara, 7, Entresuelo 1. We are 200m from Pl. Catalunya where you can get there by Metro, Renfe trains, FGC trains and several bus lines. In front of the massage center there is one of the FGC exits.

Getting there from Plaça Catalunya

Arriving from Sants Station

Getting there from the Sagrada Família

There are many erotic massage centers in Barcelona

 We are Tantra Paradise s and we are in Urquinaona. We like this area because many tourists and all kinds of people pass through here. Being in the center of Barcelona is an advantage. 

You can get to our place in many ways. You can take the train, the subway, the bus or come on foot. The important thing is that you leave happy.

In other centers you also leave happy. We don't say no. They are good and have good girls. But you can also come to Paradise to learn how we work. We are good and we want to improve. 

In Barcelona there are many businesses like ours but we want to be one of the best. The others are fine but this one has something special that makes us fall in love. 

We work hard to be a benchmark for massages in Barcelona. If you have any problem or inconvenience, we are open to hearing your opinion and looking for a solution. 


And how are the best erotic massage centers in Barcelona?

The good erotic massage centers in Barcelona have a wide range of massages. Even the massage with a happy ending that we don't offer because we don't like the name. 

At Tantra Paradise we have services for all budgets: from something quick to a more elaborate erotic massage. Our clients sometimes try a normal erotic massage and then ask for the high-end one. 

We like people to try our erotic massages and go further. When there is trust, they ask us for more and we give it to them. We want to be the best.

Do not miss the best erotic massage Barcelona

In Paradise we do the best erotic massages Barcelona. We are sure to do it right. We select the masseuses among the best. 

And we already warned you: there is no sex here. If you're looking for that, don't come here. Our erotic massages Barcelona are to relax. You will have the relaxing ending that you want but it will not be sex, it is different.

Our girls know how to get maximum arousal while you relax. You do not have to do anything. You just have to let yourself go and let the massage flow. We like it that way and you will like it. 

With erotic massages in Barcelona you will discover new forms of pleasure. Many do not know but many others have already discovered the sensation. When it is tested it is repeated. 

We recommend asking all questions so that nothing is left to chance. Ask for the information you need. We are here to help you. 

Do not be afraid. Here we treat everyone well. Come and take your erotic massage in Barcelona as normal and not as if you were doing something strange and clandestine. 

We are at street level. On Bruc street in Barcelona you will find us in a clean, modern and discreet place. When you walk through the door you will leave worries and stress behind. Here you come to have a good time.



We have the best erotic massages Barcelona

If you want to live a great experience you have to discover what we offer you. We do all kinds of erotic massages in Barcelona in our salon. We are in the center surrounded by all communications. We do tantra massage and all kinds of massages. 

If you want to book a session, use the form, phone or WhatsApp. Tell us what erotic massage in Barcelona you want and we close the appointment. We prefer that you book but you can also come unannounced. We will introduce you to the masseuses and you decide. 

We do not do simple erotic massages

Most of the erotic massages they turn to bodily sensations and forget that consciousness also needs to be "massaged". 

A good relaxing massage is achieved when the masseuse is involved and knows how to channel all the energy into an explosion of pleasure. Whether you are a man, a woman or come as a couple, you will experience new sensations.

At Paradise we work on the environment so that body and mind relax. The treatment of our staff, the lighting, the colors and the smells will transport you to an intimate environment where only your pleasure matters.

If you have not yet lived the experience of an erotic massage, now you have the opportunity. Many confuse it with prostitution but it is not the same. This is not about mechanical sex without commitment or involvement. 

In the erotic massages Barcelona seeks relaxation. There is a therapeutic purpose. It's about letting yourself do it and letting the girl discover forms of pleasure that perhaps you didn't even know about. For everything to work you must trust and let yourself go and the result is that you will come out renewed and prepared to continue with your life with more strength.

A beautiful, educated and fun woman who is an expert in erotic massages Barcelona He will put all his effort into making you feel special. You will be in intimacy with a beauty pending your pleasure. She knows how to talk to you and how to touch you to make you feel special.

We know how to do the best erotic massages Barcelona

There are many erotic massage places in the city. And they are good. We invite you to try Tantra Paradise in Urquinaona because we have a different point. Here we are not zen but we are modern and urban. 

We want to offer a different vision of massages. We don't want it to be mechanical and boring. We want fun and joy. 

erotic massages in Barcelona are a unique way of experiencing sensations of relaxation and fullness in the city of Barcelona. There are different techniques and styles to choose from, each with specific benefits for the body and mind.

In Barcelona, you will find a wide variety of options to enjoy an erotic massage. Some massages focus on deep relaxation, others on the sensual connection between people, and some on the stimulation of specific points on the body to achieve a state of well-being.

In addition to these options, there are also massages that include elements of aromatherapy or relaxing music to enhance the experience. When choosing an erotic massage in Barcelona, it is important to consider your personal preferences and what you are looking for.

When choosing a place to enjoy an erotic massage in Barcelona, it is essential to take into account aspects such as privacy and discretion. It is important to choose a place that guarantees your privacy and that makes you feel comfortable. Many erotic massage parlors have luxurious facilities and a relaxing environment so that you can enjoy your massage in peace and quiet.

In summary, erotic massages in Barcelona are a unique experience that offers a wide variety of options to relax and experience pleasant sensations. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation, sensuality or stimulation of specific points, there are options for all tastes and preferences. It is important to choose a place that guarantees your privacy and that makes you feel comfortable, so that you can fully enjoy your massage.

Tantra massage Barcelona to improve your life

Tantra massage is proven to improve your life. It is a type of erotic massage that frees you and nourishes you with energy. Do not deprive yourself of living the tantra experience to have a better day. You are going to really enjoy admiring the body of a beautiful girl. 

With tantra you make a sensory and spiritual connection with the masseuse that makes you disconnect from everything. The admiration of tantra relaxes and renews. 

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+34 657 30 65 39

We take care of your privacy, we will not send emails or call you. We will answer your questions or confirm your appointment and nothing more.

erotic massages

Tantra Paradise Massage Barcelona
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Monday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.

657 30 65 39

Tantra Paradise is a therapeutic center. Neither the Erotic Massages nor the rest of the services include sexual relations

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