Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubts about our services, here we’ll try to respond to you clearly and simply. If you still have more questions to ask us, you can write to us and we’ll respond as soon as possible

frequently asked questions


Do you take care of my privacy at Paradise Massage?

We guarantee total privacy and discretion in all our communications and during all encounters at our center or at a hotel.

We ensure that the experience is completely confidential and that there are no unwanted interactions with other clients or non-essential personnel.

How will the charge appear on my credit card?

On your credit card statement, the charge will appear under the designation “XXX” to maintain discretion regarding the nature of the service.

How will you contact me in case of any issues with my reservation?

In case of necessity, we will contact you from a number that doesn’t directly identify our center. Additionally, we won’t send communications to your email or WhatsApp without your explicit consent.

Will I encounter other clients at the center?

Our center is designed to ensure your privacy. You won’t cross paths with other clients in our facilities. You will only interact with the reception staff and your masseuse.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash payments and major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You can also pay in euros, British pounds, US dollars, or Japanese yen, although the latter incurs an additional fee for currency conversion.

Can I pay for the massage using digital payment methods?

Yes, in addition to traditional methods, we accept payments through PayPal and with cryptocurrencies, offering you various options for your convenience and preference.

Do I need to bring something special to receive an erotic massage?

You don’t need to bring anything; you only need to come with the intention of enjoying the experience. We will provide everything you need, including towels and personal hygiene products.

What does the four-hand erotic massage service include?

We offer the option of an erotic massage with four hands, where two massage therapists participate simultaneously.

This modality is ideal for those seeking an intensely pleasurable and doubly relaxing experience. To know the specific prices of this service, we recommend consulting directly with us.

Do all erotic massages include a lingam or yoni ending?

Yes, each of our erotic massages includes a lingam or yoni ending, ensuring a complete and deeply satisfying experience.

The photos of the massage therapists on our website are real?

Yes, all the photos we display on our website are real , recent, and 100% authentic. They accurately represent each of the massage therapists working at our erotic massage center in Barcelona.

At our center, what you see in the pictures is exactly what you will find.

Can I get to the massage center by bike or scooter?

Yes, we understand that many of our clients in Barcelona prefer to get around by bike or scooter . Therefore, we offer a reserved space for you to safely park your bike or scooter while you enjoy our services.

Is it necessary to make a reservation to receive an erotic massage?

It’s not necessary to make a reservation to receive an erotic massage, as we accept walk-in visits during business hours.

However, we recommend making a reservation to ensure the availability of the massage therapist of your choice.

You can make your reservation via email, WhatsApp, or phone, preferably during our center’s opening hours.

What is the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage?

The erotic massage primarily focuses on stimulating erogenous zones to provide physical pleasure and relaxation.

In contrast, tantric massage is a more spiritual and ritualistic practice that seeks the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, using sexual energy to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Is tantric massage suitable for couples?

Yes, tantric massage is especially beneficial for couples as it helps strengthen the emotional and physical connection.

Through this massage, couples can explore new forms of intimacy and enhance their sexual and emotional life.

What hygiene measures are applied in erotic and tantric massages?

We maintain strict hygiene standards in all our services.

This includes disinfecting all treatment areas before and after each session, using disposable personal cleaning products, and sterilizing all utensils used.

Our masseurs also follow rigorous personal hygiene protocols.

Can I choose the gender of my masseur for an erotic or tantric massage?

Yes, we offer the option to select the gender of your masseur, subject to availability.

We understand the importance of feeling comfortable with the person performing the massage, so we do our best to accommodate your preferences.