Artistic outline of intertwined legs in a play of light and shadow, hinting at a massage experience focused on fetishes.

Fetish Massage in Barcelona

A Fetish Massage at Paradise Massage is a unique experience, thought and designed to fulfill your most intimate and personal desires.

In this space, you dictate the rules, choosing the fetishes you want to explore and the techniques you prefer to be used.

Here, you can live out those fantasies you’ve never confessed to anyone.

Communication with our masseuses is essential so that your desires and preferences are fulfilled from the very first moment of the session.

If you’re seeking intense emotions and experiences full of surprises, the fetish massage is what you need.

Suggestive image of a couple in a reddish ambiance, with emphasis on lace lingerie hinting at a fetish massage.
Legs elevated with red high heels, suggesting elegance and a touch of fetish in the context of a specialized massage

We're open for you

We’re open to help you fulfill your desires for pleasure.

Our girls are ready to immerse themselves in the role that you like the most, whether it’s a tender or playful approach, or a more dominant and direct one.

A fetish massage can include personalized scenarios where you have total control, or you can choose to be guided by the experience and expertise of our experts.

We pay special attention to ensure that you feel completely safe and comfortable, creating an environment that respects your boundaries and prioritizes your well-being.

fetish massage

A personal exploration

A Fetish massage is a starting point for personal experimentation that allows you to explore your intimate fantasies in a safe and controlled environment. 

You can incorporate role-playing or use various elements to enrich the experience. 

Our Fetish Massage combines the refined technique of massage with an immersion into the world of fetishes.

We personalize each session to align with your expectations and curiosities. 

If you have a specific and particular desire, you can tell us, and we will fulfill it.

Fetish massage in Barcelona to uninhibit yourself

We invite you to release your inhibitions and taboos and explore new territories of pleasure and self-expression with your body.

Our girls will guide and accompany you on a journey of self-exploration, personal discovery, and heightened excitement.

You will connect with your deep sensations.

This service is ideal for exploring the most exclusive and peculiar tastes, offering a space where your most hidden fantasies come true.

From special costumes to personalized role-playing, this massage will be quite an adventure that can keep you surprised at every turn.

In Paradise Massage, we are dedicated to offer different to offer a different, unique and innovativeunique and innovative service that invites our clients to experience new and exciting sensations.


  • Duration 60' 250€

    Includes: Full body relaxing massage • Body to body • Total interaction • Completely naked • Tantric postures • Manual relaxation (finish by hand) 2 finishes • Erotic shower • Erotic dance • Girlfriend experience • Sweet kisses

We listen to your wishes

We are completely open to your ideas and proposals.

Here you are the director of your own personal story. With the costume you like for your masseuse for a relaxing massage. A shower or erotic dance to start, fetish games that you like and tantric positions that you have never tried before.

The Fetish Massage gives you the possibility to integrate objects, scenarios and scenes created just for you.

If you have a specific desire or fantasy to fulfill to fulfill, the Fetish Massage in Paradise is the way to make it come true in the heart of the city of Barcelona.

Book your session now and start exploring a world of pleasure you don’t know yet.