Artistic silhouette of a woman's back with floral details, evoking feminine essence and care in a Yoni massage.

Massage for Women in Barcelona

Women also have their place in Paradise Massage because tantra is designed for both genders without distinction.

We have designed a special experience for you with our massage for women in Barcelona. The only center in the city where we have a special massage for women.

The Yoni Massage for women is designed to explore and connect with female pleasure based on tantra techniques.

That’s why it’s known as the tantra massage for women that explores female eroticism and sensuality. Our team of masseuses is trained to use tantric techniques adapted to the female body.

A practice that honors female intimacy and seeks to awaken the body and mind of women in a deep and respectful way.

And all this with the maximum discretion and intimacy that we do at Paradise Massage.

A relaxed woman enjoying a yoni massage, with an expression of serenity and fulfillment.
Massage technique on legs in a calm and relaxing environment, indicative of a Yoni massage focused on connection and healing.

The Yoni Massage, a path to liberation

In an intimate and carefully prepared environment, the Yoni Massage becomes a sacred space.

We use techniques that include gentle caresses, the use of aromatic oils, and lighting and music that will help you relax completely and forget about everyday stress.

Because you also deserve to have a moment like this to take care of yourself.

This massage is not only a form of relaxation, but also a therapeutic process that enhances consciousness and femininity.

Through this massage, women can experience a release of both physical and emotional tensions.

Allow yourself an encounter with pleasure on a very personal and deep level, focusing on your feminine side.

yoni massage

An erotic massage for women

In many places and aspects of our society, the focus on female-centered eroticism has been neglected.

In Paradise we are aware of this and that is why we have thought of this erotic massage for women.

A space where you are the center of your pleasure from a feminine and respectful perspective, tailored to your preferences, tastes, and sensations that will make you feel great.

Explore your feminine sensitivity

Awaken and explore your feminine sensitivity in an environment designed for women’s well-being and pleasure.

At Paradise Massage, located in the heart of Barcelona, we offer you a unique experience with our Yoni Massage.we offer you a unique experience with our Yoni Massage, an ancient practice that celebrates and honors femininity as the center of your vital energy.

The Yoni Massage is much more than a treatment; it’s a gateway to self-awareness and emotional liberation.

In an intimate and respectful space for you to intimately connect with your essence as a woman in its broadest sense.

This massage not only relaxes and revitalizes the body but also fosters a deep emotional and spiritual connection with your feminine self.

You’ll be able to connect with yourself through tantra and gentle techniques that respect your body.

What's included:

Full-body relaxation / 1 Relaxation


Book your women's massage session

We want to accompany you to discover yourself . In our Yoni massage session for women, we will help you on that journey.

Reserve it now with complete discretion, at the time you prefer, and you will begin a journey of liberation, eroticism, and pleasure.