Working as an erotic masseuse in Barcelona

If you want to work as an erotic masseuse in Barcelona, you can do so at Paradise Massage.

A profession with a future and stability, and well-paid. With the advantage of working in a serious center and with respect for both clients and our employees.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy and you believe you have the qualities, we encourage you to write to us to become part of the massage team at Paradise.

A job opportunity in Barcelona

Now you have the opportunity to work as an erotic masseuse in Barcelona . At Paradise, we always seek the best, and the next one could be you.

We always work to offer our clients and also our employees the best. We know that our team of masseuses is one of our best assets. That’s why we take care of each and every one of them with great care.

Requirements to work as an erotic masseuse

We are looking for individuals who meet a set of requirements, which you probably fulfill. Once you become an erotic masseuse, you will gradually develop and progress with the care and attention you deserve.
  • Being friendly, kind, and pleasant

    Providing excellent customer service is fundamental. They are our reason for being, and that's why we are looking for candidates who can be kind and friendly.

    Developing a good relationship with the client is essential. That is the main sign of commitment to the center.

    It's also the best way to make your work very enjoyable and ensure a good atmosphere at all times.

    Our work is therapeutic, and that's why knowing how to listen, empathize, and understand the client is fundamental.

  • Being of legal age

    This requirement is fundamental since legally you cannot perform this job if you're not of legal age.

  • Speaking languages

    The more languages you speak, the better. That will increase the range of clients you can work with.

  • Living in Barcelona or nearby

    You achieve a deeper connection with yourself and with the person accompanying you at this moment.

  • Experience is a degree

    If you already have experience in massages, even better. If not, it's also not a problem. Since we'll take care of working on and investing in your training.

What will you achieve by working as an erotic masseuse?

There are many advantages you can gain by working with us compared to other centers and other jobs.
  • You can work full-time or part-time

    This way, you can adapt your work to your current life situation without any problems. Balancing it with family, studies, etc.

    You can also combine this job with other different jobs if that's your case.

  • A pleasant working environment

    We have taken care of our facilities to the maximum. When you come, you will find a beautiful, clean, modern, and well-decorated place.

    Furthermore, as an employee, you will have a space for yourself, comfortable, with music, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.

    If you're comfortable in our center, we will be too. That's why we take care of every aspect to the fullest.

  • Great income

    Working as an erotic masseuse can earn you a lot of money with little effort. The economic conditions are surely to your liking.

  • We don't work with sex

    The erotic masseuse does not offer sex, and in our establishment, that activity is not allowed.

Contact us

If you believe you meet the necessary conditions and think you could be a good erotic masseuse, we encourage you to write to us.

Tell us a bit more about yourself by filling out the form or writing to us to schedule an appointment.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you and talk with you.